I offer competition photography of dance, ballet, swimming, diving, rhytmic gymnastics, figure skating and more from beginners level to professionals. If what you see on this page inspires you, click to book your photo shoot here.

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2Dance Company, Jazz formasjon elite senior (2Dance), October 20222Dance Company, Moderne formasjon elite senior (2Dance), October 2022Erika, modern elite junior (2Dance), October 2022Lea, modern elite junior (Studio1), October 2022Marielle, modern elite junior (2Dance), October 2022Mina, modern elite junior (2Dance), October 2022Natalie - modern elite senior (2Dance), October 2022Synne - modern elite senior (Victory Dance), May 2022Erika and Mina, show elite junior, (2Dance), October 2022Tiril, show elite senior (MoveOn), October 2022Natalie - show elite senior (2Dance), October 2022Selina - show elite senior (2Dance), October 2022Maren, show elite senior (Victory Dance), October 2022Mina, show elite junior (2Dance), October 2022