Camilla and Selina - Two women built business empires, before the women had the right to vote - show duo elite senior, May 2022Simone and Natalie - Dying ain't so bad - show elite senior (Move On), May 2022Maren - Iron lady - show elite senior (Victory Dance), May 2022Selina Jappee, show elite senior  - Take Another Course In Life (2Dance), May 2022Natalie - Coat of Many Colors - show elite senior (2Dance), May 2022Erika, show elite junior - I love Paris (2Dance), May 2022Selina - modern elite senior (2Dance), May 2022Natalie - modern elite senior (2Dance), May 2022Maren - modern elite senior (Victory Dance), May 2022Aurora, modern elite junior, May 2022Erika, modern elite junior (2Dance), May 2022